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Office Space

No matter whether you are constructing a new, stand-alone, office building or renovating space as a tenant, all of the details of your office are reflections of your company’s brand and culture. As your West Georgia office space construction team, we recognize that we can come alongside your organization and enhance your client experiences. We are very serious about upholding the integrity, value and public perception of your brand and will pursue excellence on your behalf.

Our team’s ability to ensure the quality of your office construction is a given. However, other issues—cost management, transparency, safety, environmental stewardship and risk mitigation—are vital issues that we have years of experience in managing. Contractors of West Georgia understands the importance of these factors for our commercial office clients and we embrace our responsibility to your business and the community.

Our commercial construction experience, family and community-based culture, and high quality craftsmanship enable us to successfully complete a broad range of projects. From renovating a single office suite to “ground-up” construction of complete office buildings, we pursue every project with excellence.

We work with you to maximize your West Georgia office space construction, streamline your budget, expedite your schedule, and make the most prudent decisions with regard to future maintenance costs or expansion needs.

Contractors of West Georgia is based in Douglasville, Georgia and is a family owned and run company that takes pride in our commitment to old-fashioned values such as honesty, integrity, honor, and transparency. We are your premier source for commercial and residential construction, remodeling, retail build-out, and commercial maintenance.